La prochaine version V32 sera déployée comme suit :

SYS/EXT: 17.09.2024
ACC: 01.10.2024
PROD: 27.10.2024

FAQ on circular 12-digit master numbers:

For the calculation and presentation of the 12-digit master numbers, you will find a PDF under the heading “News”
 What happens to the existing 9-digit numbers? Will they remain in the system in the same form or will they be filled with 0s?
--> Yes, the existing master numbers are displayed with leading 0s, e.g. a current master number 000101953 would then be displayed in ZEK-CLS as follows 000000101953

The logic regarding input and display in the Web GUI is applied analogously to the new master number display for all master numbers:- Input possible with formatting character dot per 3 digits

The application in exchange with the ECLS interface remains unchanged, only numerical values (no .-notations) are transferred

Validation as 12-digit numeric string, with leading zeros and check digit according to modulo 11


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